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Rewards & Earnings

How are rewards accumulated into BNBx?

Stader smart contracts accumulate the rewards offered natively from the staked BNB & restake them into the smart contract once a day increasing the BNBx exchange rate. New BNBx tokens are only minted when a user deposits equivalent amount of BNB into our smart contract.

How can I calculate my earnings?

When BNBx is multiplied by the exchange rate, it gives the current worth of BNB. If you subtract the original BNB amount invested from this, you get your earnings. You can calculate your estimated earning using the Stader BNB rewards calculator on the home page

How can I redeem BNBx for BNB?

You will be able to unstake your BNBx through the Stader Dapp from the unstake tab. It would take 7-15 days to process your unstake request, after which you can withdraw your BNB

When are the rewards added?

Rewards are added everyday to the BNB stake pool and the exchange rate is updated immediately after the reward addition. Essentially, the exchange rate is updated every 24 hrs.

Has Stader integrated with any DeFi platforms?

Yes we have already integrated with multiple Dexes, Liquidity Pools, Yield Optimizers, Options trading and more are in pipeline. Do check it out on the Defi section of the Dapp.