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Bridging SD Tokens Across Different Blockchains

SD tokens are available on multiple blockchains. Each blockchain has a unique contract address for the SD token. Here are the contract addresses for each blockchain:

BlockchainSD token contract address
Binance Smart Chain0x3BC5AC0dFdC871B365d159f728dd1B9A0B5481E8

Note: Please keep in mind that the contract addresses are case-sensitive and should be entered exactly as they are shown above. Double-check the address before sending any tokens to it.

To bridge your SD tokens from the Ethereum blockchain, you will need to use a specific bridge for each blockchain. Here are the bridges that are currently supported:

Source BlockchainDestination BlockchainBridge Protocol
EthereumTerraWormhole bridge
EthereumBinance Smart ChainWormhole bridge
EthereumPolygonPolygon PoS bridge
EthereumFantomWormhole bridge
EthereumNearRainbow bridge
EthereumAuroraRainbow bridge
EthereumHederaHashport bridge

Please follow the links provided, to complete the bridging process. Remember to double check the addresses before proceeding with any transaction.